Modulares Interface B.A. – Physische Controller fürs iPad

Das Ipad einfach als Midi-Controller zu nutzen ist ja nichts neues. Doch nun ist es möglich per modularen System seinen Controller fürs Ipad mit Reglern zum anfassen selber zusammenstellen. Florian Born ist der Macher dieses Projekts, was sich Modulares Interface B.A. nennt. Scheinbar ist er mit diesem Projekt seit 2013 in Entwicklung. Ob und wann das Ganze Serienreife hat oder eventuell per Crowndfunding finanziert werden soll, dass ist bisher leider noch unklar.

Multi-touch devices like the iPad have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. Nowadays they are not only used for browsing and sending e-mails, but also as a medium for new fields of applications. One particular thing of multi-touch devices is in need of improvement: It is the lack of haptic feedback, which makes it difficult to set parameters precisely. Regarding to this problem the project has been developed to provide a variety of physical controllers. These controllers expand the usage of a touch device with a haptic feedback while adjusting parameters. By using magnets, the different controllers can easily be arranged onto the iPad. A modular interface appears, which uses a given device just like the iPad. The system contains three different parts:

  • The physical controllers (button, slider and knob), made out of conductive aluminium to pass on the electrical discharge of the human skin.
  • A frame, made out of aluminium and plastic, in which the iPad is inserted. The edge of the frame has embedded magnets, making it possible to position the controller precisely and easily.
  • The software, running as an app on the iPad. It organizes the control elements and sends the parameters to the corresponding software, which is controlled by the modular interface.

Quelle: Modulares Interface B.A.

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