Finn Records | Gunman – Finn Night

Kollege Gunman aus Göttingen hat ne schöne Sommernummer am Start. VÖ ist der 18.07.2014

Here it is – a nice 3 tracker from Göttingens Gunman.

 Young Night starts with a shaky bass and tribal claps. Effective brakes with catchy sounds and a deep voice round up the beginning of a big tune. A deep sounding melody fills it up to the next point where a piano starts the next part and the melody pushes in to the top.

Soul Night grows up to a Chicago House influenced groove monster. It was Gunmans matter of heart to give this track a Soul note. A big female pressure voice telling her husband what´s up.

After every break the track starts again with pumping hi hats and claps to give you the right dancing energy.

Groove Night shows you the right way from the bar to the Dancefloor! The smacking beat and the smart melody orders your body to move. So it´s grooving you from the beginning to the end.

Kaufen: Beatport

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