Formatik Rec. | Chris Hartwig – Nobody Like’s EP


Chris Hartwig ist sehr fleissig als Produzent und dies zeigt sich nun auch erkenntlich. Denn Chris hatte vor kurzem seine erste Veröffentlichung auf Formatik Records. Formatik ist das Label rund um Format:B und wer den Sound der Jungs und den von Chris kennt, dem wird sofort klar sein, warum er auf diesem Label gelandet ist. Denn der Sound von Chris reiht sich perfekt in das Portfolio des Labels ein und passt wie die Faust aufs Auge. Man darf gespannt sein, was da von Chris Hartwig  noch alles kommen wird.

We have aligned a young and fresh talent that- after listening to his demos- gave us the hope back that there are offspring producers with heart and soul!

Chris Hartwig already attracted our attention with his release on Style Rockets in 2014. Next to that he plays as a resident in Darmstadt in the Club Level 6.

He now landed happily and safe on our berlin based label to force his career from here on! The „Nobody Likes EP“ gathers 3 energetic tracks that don’t have to hide from peak time anywhere in the clubs! The title track „Nobody Likes“ is co-produced from the Wild & Kins duo and ‚jacks‘ itself for seven minutes into the synapses of the listeners and those who dance to it, while „Is It Possible“ exudes and old-school charme and a saturated easygoing energy.

„Don’t Be Afraid“ appeals to the great moments on the dance floor where arms are collectively in the air and the sound systems can’t withdrawal the ecstatic screaming of the audience. We think that our sweetie Chris from Hesse will develop into something very special in the near future!
Push forward rocket!

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