Nackt-Deejane´s out – Nacktpublikum in

Holla die Waldfee. Stellt Euch vor: Ihr seid DJ und auf einmal dropt ein nacktes Mädel auf die Bühne. Und alle so „Yeeahhh“.

At a recent Keys N Krates concert in Tampa, a completely naked woman jumped up on the stage and caused epic, nudity-laden havoc for a few brief, but sublime, moments.

The naked girl started dancing in front of the entire crowd and the group’s tour manager chased her across the stage. She somehow made her way behind the DJ and proceeded to jump on said DJ’s back while he continued to spin.

Finally, the tour manager was able to pull her off the DJ and take her away from the stage. Apparently, she later went on to crowd surf naked.

This girl had absolutely no fear and no shame. Or she was on a lot of drugs.


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